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Wall Worm Model Tools

Wall Worm Model Tools - Export QC, SMD, VMT, VTF, sequences, LODs and collision hulls for Source models from 3ds Max. This tool is a Godsend for modelers working in 3ds Max for the Source Game Engine. It includes a multitude of tools, exporters and game design functions.

Included Exporters

  • VMF Exporter
  • SMD Exporter
  • VTA Exporter
  • VTF Exporter
  • VMT Exporter
  • QC Exporter
  • Overview Exporter

Set up sequences, LODs, collision hulls and more for Source models inside 3ds Max, quickly and easily.

Wall Worm 3D Design
Wall Worm Production Studio for 3D Animation and Online Gaming. Services include modeling, animation, set design, vfx.
Master Web Designers
Web Design Masters Master Web Designers is a company co-owned by Shawn Olson and Andrew Penry providing web development services and web hosting.
  • Flash & Flex Applications
  • PHP & MySQL Programming
  • Web Design
Artistic Network
The Artistic Network is a global directory of arts and art organizations. Membership is free. Members can post art, articles, photos, music, events, administer guestbooks and do more.
Webonizer is the backbone of all database-driven sites by Shawn Olson from July 2006 to the present (although it was in development long before 2006). It is the content management system behind Shawn Olson Creative Arts, the Artistic Network and all my personal future projects that require a CMS.
The Webonizer Word Search Maker is a tool to create HTML or Print word searches. Output can be to blank HTML documents or Webonizer articles.
Counter-Strike Maps
Counter-Strike Maps features custom maps from premier Counter-Strike map makers.
ColumbusGuide.Net is an online tour of Columbus, Ohio set to launch by June 2010.
John Dewey Philosophy
John Dewey Philosophy is a website devoted to the life, politics, psychology and philosophy of American pragmatist philosopher John Dewey.
The Hermit Colony
The Hermit Colony is a satirical fiction by Shawn Olson that criticizes modern American culture, ancient philosophy and political correctness via an uncanny, outragious and absolutely ridiculous adventure.
John Dalmas
John Dalmas is a well known science fiction author. John uses Webonizer to share his essays and thoughts.
Rattling Around in My Head
Rattling Around in My Head is a humor website by Lee Ann Lewis, a humor columnist and cartoonist. Lee Ann's Site uses Webonizer.

Deceased Sites

Noise Auction
Noise Auction was a rock band from central Ohio featuring two former members of Cringe
Cringe was the first local band to really catch my interest. Their album Animation was and is one of my favorite albums in my musical collection. I served as their webmaster for a couple years and am still good friends with some of the members.
Cringefest was a fairly large show in 2003 that showcased almost all the bands I knew at the time and then some.

Former & Occasional Clients

candlewatch Shawn Olson and Andrew Penry designed the original e-commerce site for Greg Hart and his excellent invention. (Candlewatch has hence changed marketing strategy and no longer maintains its own site.)
Big Lots
Big Lots periodically hires me to photograph grand openings of stores.
Downing & Strickland
Downing & Strickland is a Certified Accounting Firm serving the Kansas City region. Their website is using Webonizer.
Corbin Law Offices of Lancaster
Corbin Law Offices in Lancaster
Corbin Law Offices offer legal services to the Lancaster, Ohio area. Their website uses Webonizer.
Last Minute Villas
Last Minute Villas is a database-driven site advertising vacation homes in Florida, USA. I worked for LMV from 2004-2012.
Shawn Olson Creative Arts
The main site featuring articles, essays, poetry, photos, 3D, art, news and other creative arts from Shawn Olson and associates.

Work By Shawn

Creative Arts Workshop
Creative Arts Workshop of Columbus is a 36-week course for teaching the arts of multimedia integration.
Creative Arts
Site dedicated to creative arts.
RGB Color Tool
RGB Color The RGB Color Tool demonstrates how to use RGB in HTML and CSS. Automatically generate style information.
John Dewey
john deweyEducational reference site with information and links related to American philosopher John Dewey.
Monty Hall Game
Monty Hall GameJavaScript program to explain the Monty Hall Game.
Statistics Tool
Tool to teach public on how varying factors can change passing qualifictions in testing and statistical statements.
Bitwise Math Tool
The Bitwise Math Tool will show you which bits are set and/or not set in an integer.
Browser User Agent
Get information about your browser from the User Agent property.
What is My IP Address
The What is My IP Address site display your IP address.
hangman Website for playing hangman or making your own hangman web pages.
Word Search Maker
word search makerFree word search generator that creates javascript-driven word searches and the HTML code to use in other sites.
SmoPix Photography
Columbus Photography Smopix Photography lists some of the photography services provided by Shawn Olson in Columbus, Ohio.
Oracle of Wisdom
Oracle of Wisdom Oracle of Wisdom is a humorous page where a simple JavaScript oracle gives off-the-wall (and irrelevant) advice.
Praying Mantis
The praying mantis page gives basic information about the praying mantis and links to praying mantis information/photos.

Related Creative Sites

Below are some creative arts websites I have built for family. While I have made these sites, I do not maintain them.

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